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Calm with Kim Yoga

Yoga & Meditation Instructor 


Hi !

I am Kim. I am a 200 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Trauma Informed and Yin Yoga as well as a Level II Reiki Practitioner. My journey with yoga began in college and has help to bring balance and calm to my life as a corporate warrior for over 20 years. When the opportunity to become a certified instructor arose, obstacles seem to slip away making it abundantly clear I was answering a calling that was long overdue. I have taught classes at Spiral Path Yoga, online corporate classes, and have video offerings on YouTube.

I enjoy theme-based yoga intertwining yoga knowledge with the physical, mental, and spiritual aspect that have personally benefited me in my own yoga journey. My goal is to spread the yoga message to all those who can benefit which I personally believe is every-body!

In my “free” time I love writing, travel, food, and gathering new life experiences. Check out my other website for a more personal look at these interests.

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It's gotten so that any time I think I hear wind chimes, I think of Calm with Kim Yoga.  It's been five years since first Yin class with Kim and in that time she has helped me cultivate a deep appreciation for yoga, meditation, and overall self-management.  Her soothing voice, patient attitude, and of course, her wind chimes, always result in relaxation.
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